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Alphonso Speculum – Explore Globe With Care

“Childhood blindness refers to a group of diseases and conditions occurring in childhood or early adolescence, which, if left untreated, result in blindness or severe visual impairment that are likely to be untreatable later in life.”                                                                         -World Health Organisation Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) is the major cause of Childhood Blindness. It becomes inevitable to treat ROP when the vision starts disappearing. There are two methods used to treat Retinopathy of Prematurity – Cryotherapy and LASER. The Alphonso eye speculum is a mandatory tool used in surgery to have a close glimpse at the globe.   The Alphonso Eye Speculum is made up of stainless steel with high quality satin finish which opens 27mm wide. The extra small size speculum’s length is 1-3/4in (45cm)...

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Eye Lid Speculums- A Tool to Prevent Your Eyes from Flashing During the Surgery

A good eye lid speculum or eyelid holder called Speculum is a necessary tool to stop the eyes from flashing during the surgery. It is basically a device to keep the eyelids apart prior to examining or operation on the eye. The Jaffe is one of the best eyelid specula. It can be used as a self-retaining retractor. What is a retractor? It is a surgical tool that can be used to separate the ends of a clinical wound or incision or to grasp the underlying tissues and organs and access the body parts under the cut. The Jaffe eye lid speculum gives an outstanding exposure during most of the eyelid operations. Such self-retaining retractor is a great substitute for...

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Lieberman Speculum- A Tool for Removing Extra Fluid from Optical Surface

With the solid blades, a lieberman speculum is a great tool with wide applications in clinics and hospitals. The lieberman eye speculum is used for the removal of any extra fluid from the ophthalmic surfaces. The solid blades of the lieberman speculum are designed in such a way that it can hold the operating drape below the eyelids. Efficiently sanitized and decontaminated, the lieberman eye speculum is completely safe for use. These speculums are available at standard industry prices online. The lieberman speculums are available in various specifications with V-wire or K-wire flexible mechanism. Made up of stainless steel and titanium, the lieberman speculums is usually designed with a satin finish. Such speculum’s lid tightness is adjustable. As per the...

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Kratz Eye Speculums: The Open-blades Slanted Tool For Incisions

Dr. Richard P. Kratz is the name behind the Kratz eye speculums. His outstanding contribution to the modern cataract surgery is indispensable. One of the most brilliant ophthalmologists, Dr. Kratz brought perfection in cataract surgeries by developing instruments like Kratz eye speculum for perfection in the surgeries. An eye speculum contains a precast malleable shell constructed for inset into the eyes’ socket. It helps in contacting and enveloping a part of the eyeball and the opening of the shell for providing access to the eyeball during the ocular surgery. Dr. Richard P. Kratz is one of the masters in the field of ocular surgery, cataract removal being his most specialized area. Whether the development of any intraocular instrument, devices or...

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Eye Speculum- A Vital Instrument for Ophthalmic Surgeries

Which is the best eye speculum? It is the one which gives the surgeon best access to the eyes with minimal pressure on the globe. The various types of speculum are eyelid speculum, Frankel and Sauer pediatric speculum, barraquer wire speculum, pierce speculum, Williams eye speculum, lang speculum, etc. An eye speculum helps to enter the fissure of the eye and get a direct vision of the eye crater. Let’s see the uses of the types of eye speculum: Frankel and Sauer Pediatric Speculum These tools are designed to provide support during indirect cataract extraction or ophthalmoscopy for opening an infant's eye ophthalmoscopy and cataract extraction. Frankel speculum lets you adjust the palpebral fissure’s width. Barraquer Wire Speculum Speculum can...

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