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Kratz Eye Speculums: The Open-blades Slanted Tool For Incisions

Dr. Richard P. Kratz is the name behind the Kratz eye speculums. His outstanding contribution to the modern cataract surgery is indispensable. One of the most brilliant ophthalmologists, Dr. Kratz brought perfection in cataract surgeries by developing instruments like Kratz eye speculum for perfection in the surgeries. An eye speculum contains a precast malleable shell constructed for inset into the eyes’ socket. It helps in contacting and enveloping a part of the eyeball and the opening of the shell for providing access to the eyeball during the ocular surgery. Dr. Richard P. Kratz is one of the masters in the field of ocular surgery, cataract removal being his most specialized area. Whether the development of any intraocular instrument, devices or...

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