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Eye Speculum Use & Types - Ophthalmology Instruments

1. Eye speculum One of the most important ophthalmic instruments in a eye surgery is eye speculum. It is used to retract the eyelid and hold it open for performing surgery in eyes. It is lightweight and therefore ensures minimal pressure on eyes. Eye speculum is usually made of stainless steel and comes in various sizes so as to fit children as well as older people. This eye speculum comes in different types such as disposable ophthalmic eye speculum, economy reusable eye speculum, premium reusable eye speculum and premium titanium eye speculum. 2. Eyelid speculum Eyelid speculums are used to prevent the eyes from closing during an eye surgery. They help in exposing the ocular surface and are strong enough...

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Babies Eye Safety - Eye Care Tips

The newborn babies’ vision isn't clear for many months. A newborn baby begins to explore the world with its eyes soon after birth. Eyes might seem alright but problems might arise in the eyes of newborns. The little and delicate eyes of newborn babies need to be properly cared. In infants, healthy eyes and perfect vision play a crucial role. It decides the way in which infants and children see. Eye and sight problems in babies causes developmental delay. So it becomes essential to identify the problems earlier to make sure that babies have the chance to grow their visual power. Parents play a vital role in making to their baby's eyes and sight to maintain correctly.  Some of the...

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3D Printing In Ophthalmology

Discover the use of 3D printing in the field of ophthalmology. Widely used in medical industry and in prototyping. It is also used to produce artificial organs and tissues. Eliminate the need for human donors. [Read Full Article] Blog Post Sponsored By AccuSpire.Com

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