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Common Eye Conditions

Hairy eyes, red eyes, cat eyes, and eyes that cry blood are some of the peculiarities that is found while considering eye conditions.  Though these appear to be a part of any sort of make-up, these conditions do exist. [Read Full Article]  

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Vision Of Visually Impaired

We normally have that one question about the visually impaired people. We wonder what would they see or how would be the object we see appear to them. It is very difficult to understand or judge their experience.[Read Full Article]

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Fireworks and Eye Safety

Nearly 12000 fireworks related injury require a visit to doctor in US. 1/6 of the injury happens in the eye according to a recent government study in US. Just some precautions are necessary to protect our eyes from firework related injuries.[Read Full Article]

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Role of Eyelashes

Long lashes are always attractive. Hence people curiously work to look it long. Normally some get their eyelashes thick, dark and long which has alluring effect. It has become a trend these days to grow long eyelashes. [Read Full Article]

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