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Eye Speculum- A Vital Instrument for Ophthalmic Surgeries

Which is the best eye speculum? It is the one which gives the surgeon best access to the eyes with minimal pressure on the globe. The various types of speculum are eyelid speculum, Frankel and Sauer pediatric speculum, barraquer wire speculum, pierce speculum, Williams eye speculum, lang speculum, etc. An eye speculum helps to enter the fissure of the eye and get a direct vision of the eye crater. Let’s see the uses of the types of eye speculum: Frankel and Sauer Pediatric Speculum These tools are designed to provide support during indirect cataract extraction or ophthalmoscopy for opening an infant's eye ophthalmoscopy and cataract extraction. Frankel speculum lets you adjust the palpebral fissure’s width. Barraquer Wire Speculum Speculum can...

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Eye Speculum - Eye Health Tips

Eye care practices are very important to follow as per the guidance of your ophthalmologist. There are many points that need to be taken care of before proceeding to the use of any surgical tool like eye speculum. If you follow the best practices to take care of your eyes, it will remain protected, if not any serious injury or eye problem occurs.  To check out the best practices, follow the link.

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