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The Comfort and Safety of Using Kratz Eye Speculum

Kratz Barraquer eye speculum is used for exposing the ophthalmic surface by stopping the eyelids to close. What is the comfort and safety range of such one eyelid speculum? Is it problematic? For all such answers to the questions, you may click here and learn more about the experience of the doctor for ONETM  eyelid speculum like the Kratz-Barraquer speculum.

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Eye Speculum - Eye Health Tips

Eye care practices are very important to follow as per the guidance of your ophthalmologist. There are many points that need to be taken care of before proceeding to the use of any surgical tool like eye speculum. If you follow the best practices to take care of your eyes, it will remain protected, if not any serious injury or eye problem occurs.  To check out the best practices, follow the link.

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Is The Use Of Eye Lid Speculum In Laser Cataract Surgery Uncomfortable?

Is the use of eye lid speculum in laser cataract surgery uncomfortable? A suction ring is used to dock to your eye in the process of the femtosecond laser. In the course of inserting the suction ring, the eye lid speculum must be used to hold apart the eye lids. The eye lid speculum surface is smooth and doesn’t cut or scratch your eyes. But is it comfortable? What is the diameter of the suction ring? To get answers to all such questions, click here.

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To Ensure The Best Examination Of The Pediatric Retina Using Alfonso Speculum

Have you mastered the art of examination of Pediatric Retina? Not yet? The development, eye size, and structure, all such things affect or help you understand the signs of the pediatric  retina. With the correct and precise examination of the retina, one can interpret the intrusion timing and the appropriate surgical techniques for pediatric retina patients. To ensure the best examination of the pediatric retina, Alfonso speculum must be used to examine both the eyes of the patient, irrespective of any symptoms present or absent in the contralateral eye. To know more, read on.

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Handling Lieberman Speculum

A proper care for the delicate reusable surgical tools is mandatory. If you cannot handle the tools properly, it is a complete wastage of money and energy. The subtle instruments like Lieberman eye speculum or Alphonso eye speculum or different types of forceps need special care which many of you are not aware of. To understand the importance of the right handling of the surgical instrument and to learn the dos and don’ts and steps to cleaning, sanitizing, and storing such tools, read here.

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