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Eye Lid Speculum – Protective Tool

EyeLid Speculum is a device which is basically used in a surgery or to examine the eyes before surgery. It is an inevitable tool which keeps the eyes from flashing during surgery by keeping the eyes apart. The best eyelid speculum provides better flexibility. Accuspire is an online marketplace and is one of the most trusted names online, providing surgical as well as non-surgical instruments. [Read More]

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Eye Lid Speculums- A Tool to Prevent Your Eyes from Flashing During the Surgery

A good eye lid speculum or eyelid holder called Speculum is a necessary tool to stop the eyes from flashing during the surgery. It is basically a device to keep the eyelids apart prior to examining or operation on the eye. The Jaffe is one of the best eyelid specula. It can be used as a self-retaining retractor. What is a retractor? It is a surgical tool that can be used to separate the ends of a clinical wound or incision or to grasp the underlying tissues and organs and access the body parts under the cut. The Jaffe eye lid speculum gives an outstanding exposure during most of the eyelid operations. Such self-retaining retractor is a great substitute for...

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