Babies Eye Safety - Eye Care Tips

The newborn babies’ vision isn't clear for many months. A newborn baby begins to explore the world with its eyes soon after birth. Eyes might seem alright but problems might arise in the eyes of newborns. The little and delicate eyes of newborn babies need to be properly cared. In infants, healthy eyes and perfect vision play a crucial role. It decides the way in which infants and children see. Eye and sight problems in babies causes developmental delay. So it becomes essential to identify the problems earlier to make sure that babies have the chance to grow their visual power. Parents play a vital role in making to their baby's eyes and sight to maintain correctly. 

Some of the steps that can be done by parents are: Parents should keep a watch on the various signs of eye and visual issues. They must seek professional eye care from the beginning - about 6 months of age.Parents must help their child to grow the sight by involving them in activities according to their age.

In babies, eye and sight problems are rare. Most of the babies begin their life with good eyes. They grow with good vision.  Eye problems can enter gradually. Following are some of the symptoms that help identify the problems: Excessive tearing which indicates blockage in tear ducts. Red coloured or encrusted eye lids might be the ssymptoms of eye infection. Turning the eye continuously can be a sign of problem in the eye movement. High sensitivity to light might be due to elevated pressure. The pupil appearing white might be an indication of eye cancer.

The exposure to the rays of sun is very harmful for the eyes of babies. In order to prevent any harm and protect the eyes while outdoors, the following procedures has to be followed:  Sunglasses with UV protection should be used to block both the forms of ultraviolet rays. Using stroller covers and hats with a brim prevents direct exposure to the sun. 

Apart from all these, babies should be provided with nutritious food. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish should be included in their diet. These contain antioxidants and nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin, E, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and lutein. These are essential for the health of eyes. Regular examination of the eyes also helps in maintaining good eye health.

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