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Babies Eye Safety - Eye Care Tips

The newborn babies’ vision isn't clear for many months. A newborn baby begins to explore the world with its eyes soon after birth. Eyes might seem alright but problems might arise in the eyes of newborns. The little and delicate eyes of newborn babies need to be properly cared. In infants, healthy eyes and perfect vision play a crucial role. It decides the way in which infants and children see. Eye and sight problems in babies causes developmental delay. So it becomes essential to identify the problems earlier to make sure that babies have the chance to grow their visual power. Parents play a vital role in making to their baby's eyes and sight to maintain correctly.  Some of the...

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Eye Health Problems Can Be Prevented By Makeup Users

Everyone in this world wants to present themselves beautiful. They spend a lot of time and money to enhance their looks by makeup. When it is not applied carefully near the eyes it can lead to consequences such as infection and allergy. If an eye infection develops near the eye, it may be frustrating. Avoiding them by following some basic rules is the best option. Bacteria and fungi can grow, if cosmetics are used for a long time. As per manufacturer’s recommendation, they must be discarded. Always keep a note on the date. Pathogens can develop on unclean brushes and other applicators and so it is very necessary to keep it clean by cleaning it at regular time intervals. Discard...

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Oops! Its Summer – Keep Your Eyes Safe

Summer means the arrival of pleasant and pleasure. People go for swimming, hiking and other outdoor activities. While one is enjoying the season to his best, it is also important to keep our eyes safe. When compared to winter, the level of ultraviolet radiation (UV) is three times more during summer. During this season, it is very important to safeguard our eyes from UVA and UVB radiation. Sunglass is not just a fashion and style accessory, it is more than that. They are designed to keep our eyes away from harm such as dust and debris. They also prevent headache and migraines caused from bright light. It is very important to wear sunglasses during summer. Prolonged exposure to suns radiation...

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