Eye Speculum Use & Types - Ophthalmology Instruments

1. Eye speculum

One of the most important ophthalmic instruments in a eye surgery is eye speculum. It is used to retract the eyelid and hold it open for performing surgery in eyes. It is lightweight and therefore ensures minimal pressure on eyes. Eye speculum is usually made of stainless steel and comes in various sizes so as to fit children as well as older people. This eye speculum comes in different types such as disposable ophthalmic eye speculum, economy reusable eye speculum, premium reusable eye speculum and premium titanium eye speculum.

2. Eyelid speculum

Eyelid speculums are used to prevent the eyes from closing during an eye surgery. They help in exposing the ocular surface and are strong enough to resist forced eye closure. 

They are categorized into economy reusable eye speculum, premium reusable eye speculum, premium titanium eye speculum, premium German steel eye speculum, disposable ophthalmic eye speculum, premium reusable wire ey speculum, premium reusable eye lid speculum, premium reusable temporal speculum, premium reusable nasal speculum, premium reusable reversible speculum and premium reusable LASIK/LASEK eye speculum.

3. Lid speculum

This type of speculum is specifically designed for children. As the eyes of children are delicate, it is designed keeping in mind not to hurt their eyes and to make them feel comfortable. This is a premium reusable instrument and comes in three blade sizes such as 4mm, 5mm and 8mm. The overall length of all the three blades is 35mm and is made of high quality stainless steel.

4. Barraquer wire speculum

Barraquer wire speculum is one of the most useful ophthalmic instruments. It is used to retract the eyelid during a surgery. Barraquer wire speculum is available in various sizes ranging from child to adult. Barraquer wire speculum is also available in categories such as disposable ophthalmic instruments, economy reusable instruments, premium reusable instruments and premium titanium instruments.

5. Pediatric speculum

Pediatric speculums are designed especially for children. They are used to retract a child’s eyelid during the surgery. These pediatric eye speculums are made of high quality German steel as well as titanium. They are categorized into four types such as economy reusable instruments, disposable ophthalmic instruments, premium reusable instruments and premium titanium instruments. Barraquer Colibri eye speculum- 4cm, Barraquer wire speculum child 12mm, Kratz Barraquer wire speculum child 8mm and Barraquer wire speculum 8mm are some of the types.

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