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Best Way To Avoid Digital Eye Strain

We can say that digital devices are ruling people. It is very rare to find out people who are without using any of the digital devices. Though people are aware of some of the problems that are caused due to digital usage, they don’t follow the rules properly. [read full article] Blog Post Sponsored By AccuSpire.Com

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Dark Eye Circles and Its Causes

We feel frustrated when we stand in front of the mirror and look that dark circles have conquered our eyes. We may think that a full night rest may make it disappear but it is not so. This condition is not caused because of lack of sleep alone it is also because of genetics. There is nothing to worry as there are some tips to get rid of dark circles or at least make it appear lighter. The dark circles are blood vessels beneath the eyes which are seen through our skin. Deoxygenated blood is blue in color and it gives a bluish tint when it passes through surface. Dark circles are caused after sunburns for fair skinned people and...

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Eye Health Problems Can Be Prevented By Makeup Users

Everyone in this world wants to present themselves beautiful. They spend a lot of time and money to enhance their looks by makeup. When it is not applied carefully near the eyes it can lead to consequences such as infection and allergy. If an eye infection develops near the eye, it may be frustrating. Avoiding them by following some basic rules is the best option. Bacteria and fungi can grow, if cosmetics are used for a long time. As per manufacturer’s recommendation, they must be discarded. Always keep a note on the date. Pathogens can develop on unclean brushes and other applicators and so it is very necessary to keep it clean by cleaning it at regular time intervals. Discard...

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4 Ways To Protect Your Vision - Eye Care

Eyes are the most vital organ in a human body and we must give much importance in protecting it. There are four ways that will help you protect your vision. Keep a track on your ocular health and visit your Ophthalmologist at the specified time. Use Bruders moist eye compress in case of dry eyes. [Read More] Blog Post Sponsored By AccuSpire.Com

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