Oops! Its Summer – Keep Your Eyes Safe

Summer means the arrival of pleasant and pleasure. People go for swimming, hiking and other outdoor activities. While one is enjoying the season to his best, it is also important to keep our eyes safe. When compared to winter, the level of ultraviolet radiation (UV) is three times more during summer. During this season, it is very important to safeguard our eyes from UVA and UVB radiation.

Sunglass is not just a fashion and style accessory, it is more than that. They are designed to keep our eyes away from harm such as dust and debris. They also prevent headache and migraines caused from bright light. It is very important to wear sunglasses during summer.

Prolonged exposure to suns radiation can cause skin cancer around eyes and cataract, even lens clouding. While riding during summer without glasses, it can be hazardous in the short term. It is estimated that 20% of cataract are caused due to UV exposure. It also causes macular degeneration and can also damage retina.

Pterygium is a sun related eye damage which can cause astigmatism. Bright light can also cause eye strain and can lead to wrinkles around eyes. It also causes glaucoma.

A sunglass must fit right in our eyes and it should not touch the eyelashes. If the eye glass does not fit properly, it can lead harmful radiation to pass into eyes. one should also not forget to wear a brimmed hat during summer along with sunglasses.

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