Eye Health Problems Can Be Prevented By Makeup Users

Everyone in this world wants to present themselves beautiful. They spend a lot of time and money to enhance their looks by makeup. When it is not applied carefully near the eyes it can lead to consequences such as infection and allergy. If an eye infection develops near the eye, it may be frustrating. Avoiding them by following some basic rules is the best option.

Bacteria and fungi can grow, if cosmetics are used for a long time. As per manufacturer’s recommendation, they must be discarded. Always keep a note on the date. Pathogens can develop on unclean brushes and other applicators and so it is very necessary to keep it clean by cleaning it at regular time intervals. Discard and replace all items if there is an infection.

Sharing cosmetics is a major problem as it can lead to conjunctivitis. To reduce the risk of transmission, always use disposable applicators. Clean the cosmetic container regularly to be free from bacteria and fungi. Proper storage also plays an important role. FDI recommends that cosmetic items must be stored below 85 degree Fahrenheit, otherwise the preservative will get deteriorated. Avoid using lip liners on eyes. Always try a small quantity of makeup items at first to check whether it is causing any allergy. Some of the common allergens are iron oxide, nickel and contents found in preservatives.

Always apply makeup with a steady hand to avoid mechanical injury to eyes. This type of injury can create corneal abrasion. One should not put makeup on a moving vehicle. Avoid glittery or metallic eye shadows and always put contact lenses before makeup. Otherwise the oil or bits of makeup can get stuck in the contact lens and can damage your lenses.

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