Dark Eye Circles and Its Causes

We feel frustrated when we stand in front of the mirror and look that dark circles have conquered our eyes. We may think that a full night rest may make it disappear but it is not so. This condition is not caused because of lack of sleep alone it is also because of genetics. There is nothing to worry as there are some tips to get rid of dark circles or at least make it appear lighter.

The dark circles are blood vessels beneath the eyes which are seen through our skin. Deoxygenated blood is blue in color and it gives a bluish tint when it passes through surface. Dark circles are caused after sunburns for fair skinned people and the blue tint looks more transparent for fair skinned people. Thin skin is also a cause for dark circles to appear. Some other causes are Periorbital hyperpigmentation and deep set bone structure.

It is also caused as we grow older. Collagen is lost in the skin and skin begins to sag, causing shadowing. During an allergy attack, histamines are released in the blood causing swelling. This condition does not get relieved even after rubbing the eyes as it causes broken blood vessels. Anaemia is also another cause as the enough oxygen does not reach the tissues in body. Liver problem is also one of the causes for dark circles. Nasal congestion can also cause dark circles. To get relief, try a saline spray.

Dark Eye Circle Treating Procedure

Double the pillows and sleep in a propped up position so that the blood does not flow more near the eyes. Cold compress for five minutes right after bed can constrict the blood vessels. Use eye creams containing caffeine or green tea. A diet rich fruit containing Vitamin C, Vitamin E and omega fatty acids are helpful in making your skin healthy. Also do not forget to drink plenty of water.

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