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Eye Speculums - Ophthalmic Instruments

Eyes are considered to be the best organ of a human body. It is really a divine gift. Hence, it is essential to take appropriate care in its maintenance. Always follow the suggestion of an ophthalmologist as it is necessary to the handling techniques of various eye speculums. Click here to know more. Blog Post Sponsored By AccuSpire.Com

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History Of Eye Speculums

The first types of speculums ever made were designed to force open the vagina, rectum, etc now know as grave speculums. Archaeological evidence suggests the ancient Romans and Greeks were the original civilizations to use speculums for these purposes (Wikipedia). About a thousand years later during the medieval era, people started discovering optics and the use of glasses in order to see more clearly. The 13th century would be when the first pair of eyeglasses was invented by an Italian inventor (Wikipedia). But it wasn’t until the 19th and 20th centuries when eye speculums began being used in the field of optics. This greatly assisted eye doctors in treating patients and coming up with new innovations that would forever change...

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What Is An Eye Speculum?

Eye speculums are special tools that optometrists and ophthalmologists typically use to force open a person’s eyes during an examination or surgical procedure. If it weren’t for eye speculums, eye doctors would find it very difficult to treat a patient when they are constantly blinking. People cannot help their blinking because it is an involuntary action performed by the body to moisturize the eyes when they are dry (Keeffe). They get dry from the eyes being opened for too long. So with the eye speculums, they prevent this blinking and force the eyeballs to be exposed at all times. The speculums may look scary on the outside but most patients say they are comfortable and not painful what so ever....

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