Barraquer Speculum- A Cataract Surgical Tool

Are you aware of the purpose of the Barraquer Eye Speculum? It is an important surgical tool to hold open the lids of the eyes. The phacoemulsification or cataract, the barraquer speculum are mostly used in the ophthalmic procedures. The barraquer eye speculum is used to support the eyes specialist with augmented visualization. It gives access to the precise site of the surgery.

With the use of the barraquer speculum, the globe is safe without much pressure on it as this speculum is lightweight. The surgeon can increase the pressure of the tool to a certain extent by using the wire on the barraquer wire speculum. It is the point where the speculum is held as the instrument is somewhat flexible at that point.

The barraquer speculum is of two types- the wire type and the lid type. In some places the wire speculum is required and in some the lid one. In case, the wire speculum does not offer the required force for enough lids opening, a screw mechanised apparatus may be used. Every kind of barraquer speculum for adults as well as for pediatric use are available in various specifications.

The pediatric wire speculums are usually self-retentive retractors along with the fenestrated or solid blades.  The tip of such speculums may be blunt, looped, or smooth with the reusuable feature. The surface style of the barraquer speculum can be blunt or straight and are made up of stainless steel.

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